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We want to make setting up and doing busy easy and automated so you can focus on the core of your business.


About Virtual Business Platforms

What are we all about?

Virtual Business Platforms is a product of a small group of developers that had become accustomed to using cloud based systems to operate our daily personnel business' and wanted to provide entrepreneurs and business owners an alternative to subscription based services and hosting services which consume your business data and although they may indicate that your data will not be sold or provided to 3rd party affiliates, many times this will be case. Our Products compared to subscription based systems comes also at a fraction of the price.

Our Product are all self-hosted, which means they will operate from your local machine or servers. The software applications that we offer are open source which means that they fully customizable, in some cases from the software applications main admin interface and in other cases through hard coding.


The fees for each software application are for the customization which we have applied to each application based on our perception of easy of use and features we have made determined to be needed by the majority of users and the manual of installation, setup, configuration and support we provide over the extending time period.

We are full stack developers that can provide you the flexibility that an application needs to meet your business demands and we believe in the implementation of tools based on a SaaS model empowers businesses.


Our Products are designed for emerging entrepreneurs that will need immediate, efficient and easy to manage solutions so they can focus on the core of their business and proper management. All of our software applications including one specialized for non-profit organizations will be installed free of charge for any valid non for profit or Non Governmental organization with a human enrichment focus.