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From invoicing to expense tracking to accounting, Akaunting has all the tools you need to manage your money online.


Accounting ERP Busines Software Application

Accounting ERP Software Application

Price: $499
One Time Software Application Licensing Fee
Installation on Local Host: included
Setup/Configuration: included
Branding Initiation: included
Technical Support: 1 Year
Updates: lifetime included


Akaunting is an online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses couldn't be simpler.

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready Interface
  • Multilingual Admin & Client Panel
  • Designed For Small Businesses
  • 100% Financial Data Ownership


Simply Clean Interface is easy to manage and customize to your branding needs
Accounting ERP Busines Software Application Interface
  • CMS Based Website
    • 100% Manageable by you
    • No coding needed
    • Simple to use friendly interface
  • Online Cloud based Accounting
    • See your financials online anytime, anywhere
      • Mac
      • PC
      • Tablet
      • Mobile phone
      • No limits
  • Casf Flow
    • Live up to date Cash Flow Management
  • Powerful Reporting
    • All encompassing reports
    • Downloadable
    • Shareable
  • Expense Tracking
    • Bills
    • Expenses
    • Payouts
    • Cash Flow
  • Customer Management
    • Create clients
    • Send invoices
    • Provide access the client portal.
    • Much More
  • Easy Invoicing
    • Send professional invoices to clients
    • Accept online payments
    • No commission/Transaction fees
  • Deposits and Transfers
    • Add Deposit to Account
    • Transfer between Accounts
  • Vendor Management
    • Create vendors
    • Assign bills
    • Track Payments
  • Billable Expenses
    • Create Bill Account
    • Manage Bill Account
    • Track Payment History
  • Varous Payments
    • Add non-billable expenses as payments
    • Keep your bank/cash account balances up-to-date
  • Inventory Management
    • Create Inventory Items
    • Enable Inventory Tracking
    • Manage Goods
    • Integrate with Invoice for easier tracking
  • Bank Accounts
    • Create Unlimited Bank Accounts
    • Track Balances
  • Multi-Currency
    • Auto Convert
    • Send Invoices
    • Add Expenses
  • Multi Company Management
    • Create unlimited companies to manage
    • Access from one admin login
    • Assign Users to different company accounts
  • Client Portal
    • Share Transactions
    • Share Invoices
    • Accept Bulk Payments
  • Recur Transactions
    • Auto Crate Invoices
    • Auto Create Revenue Reports
    • Auto Billing
    • Auto Payment
    • more
  • Customer Summary
    • Customer Profile
    • Contact Info
    • Transaction History
    • Paid Open
    • Overdues
    • Totals
    • more
  • Unlimited Attachments
    • ¬†Business files
    • Receipts to invoices
    • Expenses
    • Payments for original evidence
    • more
  • Transaction Categories
    • Examine Business Flow
    • Income Categories
    • Expenses Categories
    • Item Categories
  • Tax Rates
    • Itentify Tax Rates
      • Assign Tax Rate to item, group or business
  • Multilingual Panel
    • 30 languages available
  • Client Loyalty Program
    • Encourage client loyalty with preferred perks and discounts
  • Fine Grained Permissions
    • Configure permissions for each user
    • Protect key data
  • Security
    • Meets Banking Regulations XXX XXXX XXXX


Why pay monthly subscription fees or an accountant when you can fully manage your businesses entire financial outlook from the tip of your fingers at a fraction of the cost and retain your company data, financial data, vendor data and customer data on your private systems and out of the hands of 3rd party vendors.


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