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This Automated Customer Service Software Application filters all your customer issues, questions, complaints, suggestions and even anger into a fitlered channel that efficiently manages each Client Ticket with notifications and visible tracking of progress and satisfaction.

Customer Service Automation Software Application

Customer Service Automation Software Application

Price: $599
One Time Software Application Licensing Fee
Installation on Local Host: included
Setup/Configuration: included
Branding Initiation: included
Technical Support: 1 Year
Updates: lifetime included

Control and build your brand by eliminating damaging human error, misunderstandings, and lack of care.

Eliminate the need for Live Customer Service personal or representatives that will stain your company branding if under paid and under trained or eliminate the high overhead costs of business by reducing payroll. Well trained, skilled professionals that understand their product and service can do the work of 4-5 normal customer service employees.

Simply Clean Interface is easy to manage and customize to your branding needs
Customer Service Automation Software Application Interface

With Automated Customer Service you can eliminate customer service gate keepers whom either are not helpful to customers or are just buying time until they find resolution from a higher chain of command. Bring the customer right to you with all their issues and respond based on a level of urgency.

The built in Question and Answer Forum can create a running pulse on issues and direct conversation with your base customers. Creating a community is an important element of brand awareness and loyalty, it also allows your clients to trust and feel comfortable using your service or purchasing your product.

FAQ and Q&A Forums are also great for SEO and creating internet presence for your business. Forum boards create natural and automated content based around your keyboards, in addition to resolving customer anxiety and answering questions without the need for customer service agents that clog up your payroll.


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