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Looking to start a business?


Our E-Business Starter Pack is the answer. Within 3 days you will have a website that is Search Engine Optimized, E-Commerce ready with payment gateway access, setup with a domain url, phone number, company email, social media presence, Live Chat, Live Call, an Automated Booking application to schedule appointments, Team Cloud Storage for all your documents, an Automated Customer Service Management Center to filter and manage all your customer service requests and needs. A social media manager, forum and blog help start your lead generation.


eBusiness Package is a complete and ready for business cloud business platform

E-Business Starter Pack Application System

Price: $1699
One Time Software Application Licensing & Installation Setup Fee
Installation on Local Host: included
Setup/Configuration: included
Branding Initiation: included
Technical Support: 1 Year
Updates: lifetime included


  • Logo Design
  • Banner Design
    • 3 Banners included
  • Domain URL Setup (.com, .org, .biz, etc)
  • CMS Based Website
    • 100% Manageable by you
    • No coding needed
    • Simple to use friendly interface
  • Search Optimized Website includes
    • Favicon
    • Mobile Icon
    • 4 Word Keyword Recommendation
    • Basic Meta tag Page Titles and Descriptons
    • Sitemap
    • Robots
    • Canolization
  • Website Plugins included
    • Live Chat
    • Live Call
  • Ecommerce Ready with Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe, Square, etc)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Business Email Boxes
  • Voip Phone System
  • Local or Toll Free Number
  • Applications Built into Website included
    • Schedule Easy Automated Booking Scheduling App
    • Team Cloud Storage
    • Automated Customer Service Hub
    • Social Media Manager
    • Customer Forum
  • Social Media Presence (Create company/group page on)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Google+
    • Linkedin Showcase (or other relevant social media platform)
  • Blog Site
    • Includes 3 original blog entries
  • Available applications include
    • HR Onboarding - Human Resources Automation Application
    • Akounting ERP - Cloud based Accounting Applicatio Platform
    • Toca - Team Engagement Software Application Platform
    • Zo CRM - Cloud based Client Relations Manager Software Platform


Simply Clean Interface is easy to manage and customize to your branding needs
Manage your business applications from one management portal

The E-Business Starter Pack is not a subscription based platform. It is installed on your own local servers, to give you full ownership and full control. Each application including your website can be fully customized to your needs and specifications.*


We have brought together the essential services that you need under one roof to get your business store front up and running, fast and easy. We provide you the tools to manage your business from the inside out with a one time low start up fee.


Instead of spending hours searching, setting up accounts, saving passwords and integrating all the key aspects essential to driving a business online.


Manual Setup


  • Time loss due to Research
  • Time loss for setup and configuration

  • Instead of paying $30-$100
    • per each application platform
    • per month
    • per user

  • Instead of Applications Spread all over the internet
    • Creates Confusion
    • Increased Risk and Data Loss
      • 3rd party company access
      • Increased Risk due to scattered data

E-Biz Pack


  • One Time Setup and Installation Fee
    • Essential Applications are included
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

  • Centralized, Localized Data Source
    • Own, Control, Manage All Data
    • Access all Applications via one Business Portal
    • Data Accountability and Security
      • Reduce Data Loss Risk
      • Control Data Access
      • Data is secure from 3rd party companies

We empower your business by setting up a sustainable cloud based business model which runs at a fraction of the cost of a traditional businesses monthly operating cost and initial business setup which allows unlimited use by unlimited users on your own private host, which protects your companies intellectual data and your customers data from 3rd party marketers.


From a web portal that can be reached from anywhere


Manage CMS website without any web design or coding experience using a friendly interface to update your
    • images
    • content
    • product inventory
    • Site Feel/Theme/Colors
Create a Marketing Plan for;
    • Social Media
        • Initiate/Execute Plan
        • Create Reports
        • Analyze Plan
    • Email Marketing Campaign
      • Initiate/Execute Plan
      • Create Reports
      • Analyze Plan
    • Adwords
      • Initiate/Execute Plan
      • Create Reports
      • Analyze Plan
Sales and Lead Generation
    • LiveCall
      • Connects Website Visitors directly with your sales team
    • LiveChat
      • Allows perspective customer to find trust and answers leading to more sales
Customer Service Automation
    • Prioritize Customer Needs
    • Centralize Customer Service
    • Manage Client Requests
    • Assign Customer Request
    • Ticket Tracking
    • Automated updates
    • Creates Q&A Data Bank
    • Minimize Customer Complaints
    • Stop Fires before they happen
    • Automatic Notofications
    • Create Reports and Identify
      • Requests
      • Complaints
      • Suggestions
      • Opportunities

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