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This software application Automates the Human Resources process from the initial job post, to creating a new employee, the hiring process, training, device accountability, payroll, vacation, time/leave management, provides various reports and engages the staff helping with communication, and team comradery leading to better retention and less employee turnover.

OnBoarding Human Resources Automation Software Application

HR OnBoarding Software Application

Price: $1649
One Time Software Application Licensing Fee
Installation on Local Host: included
Setup/Configuration: included
Branding Initiation: included
Technical Support: 1 Year
Updates: lifetime included

HR OnBoarding combines many of the tasks that Human Resources personal currently perform manually via paper docs or through an online source. With HR OnBoarding, your HR Team is able to put all of the procedures together in a simple way using a few online forms that create Users (employees) which can access limited information and make requests such as “Time Off” and setup things such as “Direct Deposit”, using basic online forms.

OnBoarding Human Resources Automation Software Application Interface
More importantly it allows the entire HR process to be automated

Create the Position
Ask Candidates to complete an Online Employment Application
Create the Job Offer
Add the basic Employee Details
Add the Position Details
such as Salary and Time Off provisions.
Attach the Docs
such as tax forms, contracts, acknowledgement forms, etc.

What the JobApplicant Receives and must do.

The job Applicant receives the Job Offer, via email and text message notification.
Logs onto the interface using a custom expirable link
If they accept, they are forwarded to additional forms and details.
The candidate will be presented with Documents which they will need to complete.
A revision of the Docs by HR Management can Accept or Refuse Docs
at which point the Applicant must make the corrections and present again.
Once the the Docs are accepted, the Employee is given access to their HR Interface.

Employee Interface Includes
Direct Deposit Management
Time Off Requests
Device Requests

Built In Modules:
Team Cloud Storage
Event Calender
To Do List
Live Chat

Available Extensions:
Video Confrencing Module
Project Management

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