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Increase customer retention and conversion. The small touches on your website are what makes the difference.


Increase sales profits with LiveCall by improving customer conversion and retention

What is a LiveCall?

LiveCall is a Lead Generation & Callback Software. It enables you to boost your sales calls and increase your web visitor acquisition numbers, LiveCall asks your web visitors if they want a call back regarding your product and services. A simple form forwards the client information directly to the designated individual which can reach the interested party immediately. A customer can ask for an immediate response or schedule a call for a later time.


Price: $109
One Time Software Application Installation Fee
Installation on Local Host: included
Setup/Configuration: included
Branding Initiation: included
Technical Support: 1 Year
Updates: lifetime included


LiveCall web visitor interaction window


  • Widget/Button placed on your Site
  • Auto Customer Call Back (On Customer Request)
  • Out of Office Mode
  • Free International Calls
  • Access to Admnistrative Dashboard
  • Automated Appointment Confirmation
  • Automated Custom Reminders
  • Online Chat (One Time $69 Installation Fee )
  • Missed Chats Logged
  • IP Address/Geographical Localtion
  • Admin Email Alerts
  • Calender: System or connect to external such as Google Calendar
  • Unlimited Use/Appointments
  • Self Hosted
  • No Monthly Fees