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My Store is a beautifully designed e-commerce website with built in integrated shopping cart and payment gateway. Within 24 hours you can start to brand your store, upload your product line and start selling.

A ready to for business CMS ecommerce website with integrated shopping cart and payment gateway

My Store E-commerce ready with integrated shopping cart and payment gateway

Price: $399
One Time Software Application Licensing & Installation Setup Fee
Installation on Local Host: included
Setup/Configuration: included
Branding Initiation: included
Technical Support: 1 Year
Updates: lifetime included


  • CMS Based Website
    • 100% Manageable by you
    • No coding needed
    • Simple to use friendly interface
  • Powerful Store Managenement
    • Easy to use Admin Interface
    • Guest & Registered User Checkout
    • Order Management
      • Shipping Gateway
    • Sales Analysis Reporting
      • Customizable
      • Downloadable
    • Integrated Reward Point, Discount and Reviews
    • Multi Currency
    • Multi Lingual - 40+ Languages
    • Newsletter
  • Search Optimized Ready & Easy
    • Set page Meta Title
    • Set page Meta Description
    • Set page Keywords
    • Google base connection
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
    • Full Reporting
    • Tracking
  • Ecommerce Ready with Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe, Square, etc)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • API Included
  • Available Extensions Easy to Integrate
    • Bestseller
    • Featured
    • Latest
    • Specials
    • much more...
  • Third Party Extensions
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
    • Facebook
    • over 13,000 to choose from
  • 100% Customizable

    Optional Services

    • Logo Design
    • Banner Design
      • 3 Banners included

    • Domain URL Setup (.com, .org, .biz, etc)
    • Business Email Boxes
    • Voip Phone System
    • Local or Toll Free Number

      Highly Recommended Add ons
    • Website Plugins
      • Live Chat
      • Live Call

    • Available Applications
      • Schedule Easy Automated Booking Scheduling App
      • Team Cloud Storage
      • Automated Customer Service Hub
      • Social Media Manager
      • Customer Forum
      • HR Onboarding - Human Resources Automation Application
      • Akounting ERP - Cloud based Accounting Applicatio Platform
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      • Zo CRM - Cloud based Client Relations Manager Software Platform


    Simply Clean Interface is easy to manage and customize to your branding needs
    My eStore is easy to manage with its CMS, easy to surf for your customers with full tracking and reporting

    Take control of your sales in an easy inexpensive method that revolutionizes the sales process.


    Even if you have an Ebay store or an Amazon Marketplace presenting and selling your products, it is essential that you also sell your products on a self hosted website which builds trust with your customer base and draw clients away from larger marketplaces directly to your website where you can develop long term customer relations and cut out the middle men.  


    Increasing your profit and having direct access to your previous customers, engaging them with your newsletter and email campaigns, which can include discounts and offer reward points for returning customers.


     This is the most compelling, complete and efficient Store Front that you can own and manage.


demo order