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Order Verification

Once a client places an order on our eStore order form*


A notification is sent to VBP and our client advising them of a phone verification.


A VBP representative contacts the client and verifies the payment and product or service order.


Once the payment has been verified; an order details form is sent to the client in preparation of the service requested.


Once VBP receives the Order Detail form, our IT professionals will begin work.


Once the service or product has been completed and tested, we notify our clients through email notification.


A client survey is also email to our client asking for feedback regarding the product or service they just recevied but also about their overall experienec and statisfaction with VBP.


Virtual Business Platform Order Verification Process

NOTE: Order Verfication Hours are 8:30am PST - 6:30pm PST
Monday - Friday


Orders placed outside of those hours will be verified by a live agent the following business day.


*A copy of a valid form of identification is required to be uploaded for the verification process.


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