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SEO is beyond just web rankings, its managing your brand reputation. SEO Essentials is a must for any business owner, even if a majority of your business does not come from the web, it is essential to have a website which is Search Engine Optimized as your online presence is key to your longer sustainability.


Search Engine Optimization Essentials

Search Engine Optimization Essentials

Price: $299*
One Time Fee
Technical Support: 45 days


  • Complete Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Meta Page Titles Analysis & Modification (Based on page content, keyword analysis, etc)
  • Meta Page Descriptions Analysis & Modification (Based on page content, keyword analysis, etc)
  • Image Meta Tags Analysis & Modification
  • Image Alt Text Tags Analysis & Modification
  • Mobile Icon Analysis & Modification
  • Favicon Analysis & Modification
  • Site Map (html/xml) Analysis & Modification
  • Robots Analysis & Modification
  • Attached Social Media Links Analysis & Modification
  • Google Maps Analysis & Placement
  • Google Business Analysis & Submission
  • Bing/Yahoo Directory Analysis & Submission
  • Gzip Compression Analysis & Modification
  • Canolization
  • "if modified since then" Analysis & Modification
  • Site Speed Analysis & Recommendations

Sample Site Analysis Report

(price is designated for websites up to 30 pages)


Your web presence is essential to building a trustable brand.
SEO Reap the Rewards

SEO Essentials not only attracts and drives new customers and leads but its an essential step to your Public Relations and Branding efforts of your product and service.


The significance of SEO for your business is beyond generating leads, its also your most direct way of communication with your customer base.


Filtering the content seen about your company and brand empowers you to control the perception of your brand and service.


Dont leave it to the universe, control your own destiny by investing in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media to engage your customers.


The best way to avoid troubled times in your business is to keep a direct ear to your customer base.


You can diagnose key issues in your presentation, sales process, service or product and customer service issues.


With tools as Forums and Customer Service Hub's you can centralize and become aware of issue before they become public or turn into a devastating bad review.


demo order