Elevator Pitch

Its simple, lower your overhead business operations cost and automatically your business becomes more profitable. How?

Develop a strategic HR plan which focuses on taking advanatage of the new gig economy and use a Cloud based Business Model, which dramatically lowers your expenses and takes advantage of existing business infrastructure and gives your business a niche flexibility to manuever to both changing industry markers but also to meet the demands of your customers and diverse staff.

Automated Intellegence

 MIT and Genesys interviewed over 550 senior executives about their use of technology for customer experience programs. Capgemini, looked at nearly 1,000 organizations and over 50 use cases to identify the benefits of AI. The common insight from the two studies: companies adopting AI and automation technology today are seeing both immediate and long-term benefits from automation..

Customer Service Automation Ticketing & Tracking

Companies that earn the best customer reviews are companies who are able to take advantage of Automation, offering their customers, a reliable, consistent, efficient automated process which reduces human error and filters the customer to your star representatives that are best suited to eliviate any customer apprehension and create an environemt of trust that you can build your reputation on and increase your customer acquisition and customer retention.

Client Relations Management Software

No matter your industry, CRM systems are the starting point of any cloud driven business plan; ZoCRM, is a flexable, robust, fully customizable CRM system, which is user friendly and offers all the essentials to manage your vendors, clients, create work flow plans and even manage your staff. With ZoCRM you can create invoices, accept payments, maintain account, create forms for your website and the overall overview of your business and cash flow.

Toca Team Engagement Application

The highest overhead business expense for almost any organization is payroll and the most damaging aspect to the growth, sustainability and productivity of any business is employee turnover and retention. Toca Team Engagement Application creates a private community for your staff and company, where they can share birthday wishes, ask questions, chat, post into discussions, share documents, plan company outings, and you can lead and manage.

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